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Talbiya Umrah

Umrah is honorable act of worship that every Muslim want to carry out once in a life time. Along with refreshing their souls and faith in Allah (SubhanahuWaTa’ala- Glory to him, the exalted) , Muslims also understand the underlying purpose of life and world. This pilgrimage defends the fact that there is no discrimination Umrah is the best way finest way to gain attain closeness to Allah. It is a non-obligatory but in the house of Allah(SubhanahuWaTa’ala- Glory to him, the exalted) , all Muslims wear same dress(ihram) regardless of their caste, class or colour. All Muslims stand together to represent the peaceful nature of Islam.
This package has been specially designed for people who prefer a long stay in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Its time period is longer than out other packages because it consists of some additional days on which pilgrims can perform some special ziyarat as per their individual choices. What seperates this package from other packages is its extended stay. While designing this package our company had considered commercial and religious aspects of the pilgrimage, so accordingly this tour has facilities pertaining to long stay.
● Direct Flight of Economy class (Spice Jet & Indigo Airline )
●Umrah visa with insurance
●Stay in the hotels (10 nights in Mecca + 09 nights in Medina)
● Distance till Mecca hotel from divine boundaries is 900 M
● distance till Medina hotel from divine boundaries is 600 M
●Indian cuisine served by Indian chiefs
● Arrival at Jeddah, Our Transport pickup & drop at Hotel of Makkah
●Tour guides will be assigned for ziyarat tours of Mecca and Medina
●AC Deluxe buses will be provided for transportation
●Talbiya- Umrah kit
●laundry facility
●Local staff at your service
●24/7 customer support
● GST 5% & TCS 5%
●Additional charges apply on excess luggage
●Tour operatorguide will not be held accountable for any kind of loss
●No room service will be provided
●Facilities, services and amenities which are not indicated in this package
●No restitution or refund is applicable on unutilized or unused services
●Refund cannot be claimed if the stay is curtailed

A bona fide Passport which is valid for another 6 months
Passport-size photograph which should have a white background
PAN card
● INR 9,999/- is the booking amount
● 50% amount to be paid before the booking
● Balance and rest of the amount to be paid after equipping pilgrim with visa, insurance, hotel and transport
● we accept payment only by bank transfers, NEFT and RTGS. We don’t deal in hard cash

● 50% Amount (paid prior booking) + 9,999 (booking amount) are not refundable
● Packages are thoroughly non-refundable. No claims will be entertained during the time cancellation
● Dates may differ due to airline rates
● No refunds can be claimed if the person fails to acquire a clearance at immigration owing to any government policy/rule or COVID guidelines
Itinerary ( Tentative)
Day 1—- the group will fly to Jeddah . AC Deluxe buses will be provided to the group to travel to Mecca hotel. After checking in the tour guide will take the group for Umrah
Day 2— set out from hotel for Haram Sharif
Day 3— ziyarat at local shrines with the assistance of tour guide
Day 4— set off for Haram sharif
Day 5— visit Haram sharif and perform 2nd Umrah at Masjid Asha in the supervision of tour guide but pilgrims have to arrange for their own transportation service
Day 6— perform 3rd Umrah and visit Masjid Asha but arrange for your own transportation services
Day7—set off for Haram sharif and/or explore of Jeddah as per your convenience
Day 8—set off for Haram Shareef
Day 9— set off for Haram Shareef
Day 10— Pack your bags as well going to Madinah
Day 11— set off for Masjid E Nawabi
Day 12— set off for Masjid E Nawabi
Day 13— set off for Masjid E Nawabi
Day 14— set off for Masjid E Nawabi
Day 15—– set off for Masjid E Nawabi

Day 16—- visit local shrines of Medina in the supervision of experienced tour guide
Day 17—–offer prayers at Masjid E Nawabi and/or explore Madinah as per your convenience
Day 18— offer prayers at Masjid E Nawabi

Day 19– set off for Masjid E Nawabi
Day 20— reach airport with your luggage to board the return flight to India
Note:- Mentioned Itinerary are tentative and may be change as per group or by the company.
For more information visit: LONG STAY UMRAH PACKAGE

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