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Agriculture sprayer machine

mitra Agro

Mitra Agro Equipments is one of the best agriculture sprayer machine Manufacturer in India, which is used for all types of crops in horticulture farming, such as Grapes, Pomegranates, Oranges, Mangoes, Guava, and Custard Apples. Mitra agriculture sprayer machine come with a rear air conveyor system, which produces perfect air balancing with the highest air output and low power consumption. It is an air conveyor system used with stainless steel material which consists of a shell, fins, backplate, bottom baffle, and deflectors. Mitra’s Tractor Sprayer is provided with a compact tank having 10 mm wall thickness. The tank is made up of 3 compartments that include main tank, rinsing tank, and clean water tank with a dual water tube level indicator. It has a different capacities like 1000L, 1500L and 2000L, farmer can use this models as per suitability of tractor HP, Crop spacing and Water requirement etc.