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Advantages of Niche Fluoropolymer Products Immersion Coils in Plating Operations

Niche FPP

Electrically non-conductive- to prevent stray currents and short circuits.
“Non-stick” surface provides excellent fouling resistance.
The chemical inertness of Fluoropolymer prevents stray ions caused by coil corrosion from entering the bath and upsetting bath and current control.
Flexibility, toughness, and corrosion resistance result in minimal maintenance and replacement costs.
Immersion coils are lightweight and narrow, permitting easy installation and removal.
If repairs are required, they can be done by the customer, at their plant, without any special procedures or tools.
They are resistant to thermal shock, although some change-over time is required between heating and cooling cycles.
Niche FPP is a leading global provider of Immersion coil and engineering solutions based on its key technologies of heat transfer, corrosion resistance, and ultra-high purity applications. Our unique designs, combined with the use of fluoropolymer materials, allow our heat exchangers to outperform and outlast competitors’ units. Our Immersion coil used in various engineering and industrial applications.

Niche FPP